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Spark from Aplectrum Solutions Ltd, is the first-ever most innovative, responsive and flexible HR & Payroll software solution that allows better HR management, payroll processing, planning, budget management, and decision making. This is an easy and simplified employee information management and payroll processing solution for the RMG industry.

This HR and payroll software provides the fastest solution of any Apparel HR difficulty. It offers salary management, bonuses, and benefits, attendance and leaves management, dynamic shift management and so on.

Spark contains attractive dashboard with various important shortcuts. It has a dynamic roster and shifting option, highly configurable production bonus management, and dynamic report generation system. The most appreciable thing is, it can be accessed from any devices from anywhere in the world. The most advanced, dynamic and customizable HR and Payroll management software have some more advantages to watch over.

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Benefits of Using Our HR & Payroll software


Based on your team size, the Spark can save around 2 to 5 Lakh BDT per month.


Most accurate projections and payroll analysis on employee turnover in the next six months.


Forecast on HR & Payroll salary management in the upcoming months.


Ensure proper & fair payment system based on the worker’s working hour and produced item.


Convenient support in allocating multiple shifts and rotating them based on a holiday or other requirements.


Highly configurable production bonus based on OT hour, salary, allotment, section, position etc.


Generates HR & Payroll reports showing the overall salary, attendance, bonus to present them on different audits.

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HR & Payroll Software from Aplectrum 

The first-ever innovative, responsive web & mobile app based HR & Payroll software solution specialized for RMG or similar production based industry. For demo and pricing, call or email us at or +880 13 0900 0161


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