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10 Design Tips You Need to Follow While Designing Your Mobile Application

Who doesn’t want to develop a great looking mobile app for their business?

Everybody wants, right? Suppose, you design the world’s best mobile app. But what happens next, if it’s failed to sustain in the market?

So, to make it stand out, you need to follow some all-time head-wrecking design tips.

In this article, you will get 10 tips that will surely help you to design an awesome looking mobile app.

Follow the Standard Always

In order to develop a mobile app, you have to follow some criteria or guideline.

Doing something extraordinary might not benefit you that much. Because users are familiar with the same common touch gestures and image icons.

So don’t design something that will offer a completely different learning curve to the user. Cause it will end up confusing them and create more problem.

Stick with what works best for the mobile app design. And that is, following a similar type of pattern guidelines.

Simplicity is the Key

A simple design always ensures higher user satisfaction. It helps to divert the user focus towards the app.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to go with the plain basic.

You can still show your creativity in design by making it simple and convenient for the user.

Because the user doesn’t like complex things. If too many things going on at the same time, it might make your user confused and distracted.

In addition to that, over the top design is not in trend now. Use a simple font and make it consistent throughout the app.

Up-to-date with the Trend

The market trend is consistently changing. It’s important to know what’s new in the market. If your app doesn’t update according to the current market trend, no one will use it.

Based on the new technologies, you can effortlessly create a new design and looks for your app. And by implementing new ideas, you can easily reach out to new users and new markets.

So, research your target audience interest , study what they required most in an app.

User likes the gesture of personalization in an app. Design such UI that totally go with your all type of user taste.

Implement Responsive Design

You can’t design an app only by thinking of a certain group of devices. In the market, there are plenty of devices available currently.

Therefore, implementing responsive app design is crucial.

Every now and then new devices come in the market. Their shape, pixel size, and screen resolution are different.

The app which works on the iPhone, might not work on Android.

Also, you need to focus on other devices as well. Think about how many users might use your app on the tablet, PC or their laptop. The possibility is countless.

Don’t segregate your user based on the device they are using. Make it accessible for all the devices, make it responsive.

Don’t Overdo with Color:

Consistency is important. If you use one color on one page and bring a completely different color concept in other pages, it doesn’t make any sense.

Everything you input in your design should have a clear purpose.

Also, don’t make the color super bright which can conflict with the text. Furthermore, it might hurt your users, especially those who have vision difficulty.

This is one of the most crucial graphics design traits that need to be consider badly

So in this matter, some basic color concept you can follow:

  • Green – for anything that is positive like yes or continues.
  • White uses for “No” instruction button, and
  • Red for the “Exit” button

Stop Making it Complicated for the User

Think about your users while designing the app. Your app instruction should be clear and concise. Because when a button is clicked, action needs to happen.

Similarly, if a page is loading, there should be a moving or refresh symbol. Also if the user action is recognized, it gives them the illusion that the app is loading fast.

So, you have to conduct deep research on user behavior and that analysis should reflect on your UX design.

And, apart from the above tips, your app should be

  • User Interactive
  • Easily accessible
  • And lastly, app navigation should be easy

Furthermore, you need to make sure that your user doesn’t have to do too much scrolling, zooming, or they are not forced to side scroll to see content on each page.

Visualization is Important:

Now it is the time when you can showcase your creativity. You have to remember that, the mobile app is not the place to go overboard with text.

Here you have to implement lots of visual effects and animations, which works well with the overall design.

You can also take help of your picture in order to enhance any text. A striking visual effect can easily grab user attention.

Take Care of the Loading Speed:

While doing all these design work, you have to take care of the loading speed as well.

If your app failed to load fast enough, all this effort will go in vain.

The complex design decrease the app’s loading speed. And, that ultimately results in a high bounce rate.

According to a study –

If a page load time goes from 1s to 3s, the probability of bounce rate would be 32%

If a page load time goes from 1s to 5s, the probability of bounce rate would be 90%

Here you can see, how a page loading time can affect your page dwell time. Moreover, it eventually affects your app ranking, engagement, and conversion rate.

So don’t go crazy with the design. Simplifying everything will ease the loading problem.

Update Consistently for Smooth User Experience

Nowadays everything happens online. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure security in the virtual platform.

As mobile app requires user data to run, so it demands consistent monitoring.

Implement the high-security code will prevent data breaches. Update the security authentication system will guarantee no one can access any personal info.

Plus, consistent updating ensures that your app is error and bug-free, which is vital for smooth user-experience.

Lastly, Testing with the User

You can use as many testing methods as you want, but getting user feedback is above all the techniques. Because the user gives their feedback completely from a neutral perspective.

So you can get unbiased suggestion about your app development. You can use a beta tester or focus group to test your design. This will save your penny and efforts that involved with the overall development process.

Taking good care of the user always bring success. Make sure you implement that care in your mobile app as well.

Designing a mobile app is of course not an easy task. It can go tricky at times. But if you can keep up with these 10 tips, your app will surely bloom in success.

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