List of Best and Top mobile apps design and development company in Bangladesh

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Company in Bangladesh

Digitization has a significant impact in order to operate a business in a more creative and innovative way.

And developing a mobile app is one of those creative and innovative approaches.

It becomes the key to success for any business organization. Be it a startup or multinational, Telco industry or health-related industry, having a mobile app is now an essential instrument.

Many companies are now utilizing mobile apps as a trademark for their business. Because now just owning a website is not enough anymore. Users require mobile apps more than websites to simplify their lives. So, at present most companies give emphasis to developing mobile apps more than developing websites.

Developing a mobile app is not rocket science. You can easily do it if you have the right technical skills and team. And that’s what quality mobile apps development company in Bangladesh does believe.

But the start-up companies and as well as some big companies can face some failings in order to develop a mobile app. Because somewhere or other, they have a limitation in the necessary resources required for mobile app development.

Thankfully, there are a significant amount of app development companies who now rule this industry for a longer period of time.

This blog is especially about them and for those who are searching for the top mobile app development company in Bangladesh.

How to choose the best mobile app development company for your business:

I know is not an easy task. There are so many best mobile app development company available in Bangladesh.

Here, I try to make your task a bit easier. In this blog, I address the top 10 mobile app development companies, which will provide you with an inclusive mobile application, as per your specific demands. But still, it can be daunting to choose the best one among them.

When selecting a mobile app development company for your business, you need to take care of the following matters:

  • Check their work Portfolios
  • Their Support and maintenance system
  • Their pricing
  • And, lastly client testimonial

Also, if you read this article, you can easily distinguish, who will be considered the best for your business.

Okay now let’s this top 10 lists started to make your task clear and simple.

Zaman It:

Number one on our list is Zaman IT. They are known for providing digital solutions across digital platforms which makes them the best mobile apps development company in Bangladesh

They are renowned for offering professional android app development services. Before starting any app development service, they analyze and do extensive research in order to meet their customers’ requirements and expectations. Their modern technological equipment and manpower help them achieve their goals. They already handled quite a few numbers of projects and gained success in all of them. They develop mobile apps for numerous industry, like- Finance, Business, Game, Security, E-commerce, Travel and map, and Healthcare etc. They also keep their price range very reasonable. So that any organization, especially startup industry can receive the service within their budget and enjoy the blessings of the mobile app.

Roopokar Bangladesh:

Roopokar Bangladesh is on our next list as the second top mobile app development company in Bangladesh. Although they are well-known for their website design and development services. They are winning hearts in this field as well by serving the best services possible. Their extremely talented and dedicated team work hard to replicate your mobile app vision into reality. They provide customized app development solution and also develop a mobile app for B2B and B2C communication.

No matter what type of business you have, they can always help you to develop a mobile app with an attractive UI design.

TopOfStack Software:

Another big name in this industry is TopOfStack Software when it comes to mobile app design and development company in Bangladesh. They develop Android, iOS, Windows phone apps for various industry. They have skilled developers, who are always available to take any challenges. This two times BASIS award winner is dedicated to developing mobile apps like a back of their hands. They have successfully completed many projects with high customer satisfaction. They are now the top mobile application development company in Bangladesh.

IM Digital:

They are known for their Uniqueness and creativity which makes them well-known Mobile Apps Design & Development Company in Bangladesh. They are the most advanced digital marketing and IT company that we fortunate have in Bangladesh. They handle all digital hassles in order to present you an outstanding mobile app solution. They always ensure that your business gains maximum results by their scalable app development services.

They work some of the big company in Bangladesh. Rupchanda, Bangladesh Edible oil Limited (BEOL),, Infinity Megamall – are one of those companies for whom IM Digital provide digital solutions.


They are the best mobile apps development company in Bangladesh. They help you to get the best iOS and android app development service in order to meet your market niche. They provide full-time tailored made app development service to a wide range of businesses. Their service helps the organization to gain maximum market reach, ROI, and traffic.

Their app development services include:

  • Native App Development
  • Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Widget Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • QA and Testing

Their expert app developers use an extensive procedure by analyzing all the requirements, design, user experience, app functionality, and debugging. They always ensure the high-performance, feature-packed and user-friendly mobile experiences.

Their team practice a structured method while developing a mobile app

  1. First, they analyzed all the requirements in order to develop a strategy. Then they create a comprehensive proposal with all those detailed strategies for client approval.
  2. After the basic procedure is done, next is to choose the best design and test it to clarify its functional parameters, structure and other design principles
  3. Then, their talented app designers proceed with final touch in the app design. Here they always follow your vision in order to give you the best version.
  4. After designing is done, their web developers start working on the development process which is followed with coding. They follow the iterative and incremental design process for the improvement of the design process.
  5. After development is done, their QA team review the functionality and test it to resolve any bugs and errors.
  6. Now, it’s time for launching the app in various app stores. Such as Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows store.
  7. Their development team constantly update the app for keeping it free from unusual difficulties. Also, it ensures that clients receive all the new features from time to time.

Their price range starts from “Basic to premium”. Any organization can get a customized solution in that competitive price range. You can choose from any packages which serve your purpose the most. Aplectrum really ensures that the apps they are developing maintain your industry’s best practices.

I think, if you really want to develop the best mobile app for your business, Aplectrum is the right mobile app service company in Bangladesh you should pick.

Last but not least, they are quite flexible to handle clients from almost every sector. Some of the other services they provide are:


This company is registered by the Government of Bangladesh. It is an IT service provider company, specialized in Android and iOS app development. They deliver end-to-end custom-made apps that encourage the complete range of mobile devices. While developing the apps they give most priority into their client’s preferences. They always conduct deep research on the market needs to get the key insights about the latest trends before developing any mobile app.

They always take care of the following features, while design and developing an app:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Social media integration
  • Fast loading Speed
  • Support Multiple languages
  • Consume low shortage of memory space
  • Work in offline mode
  • Payment integration system

TrillionBits Ltd.

They are committed to developing by using all the latest technology and codes. And that’s the reason why they’re the best mobile app development company in Bangladesh. They have experienced team who are dedicated to providing innovative ideas in order to accomplish the project goal. Their developers are experts in all the latest techniques and methodology. They are specialized in designing, planning, executing the app project, that helps them to develop an agile app which suits every business requirements. They already delivered 30+ app development projects. They work toward with a goal to help enterprises by helping them to adopt new technologies, untangle complexity and orchestrate ongoing innovation of mobile app development.

Software Solutions Company:

It is one of the most renowned android application development companies in Bangladesh. It continuously shows its excellence in forming mobile app. They are always ready to give the structure to an android app for you. So that you can widen the perimeter of your industry.

As a professional in this field, they already build apps for different sectors. Such as E-Commerce, Health care, Sanctuary, Gaming sector, etc.

They always consider the following factors while forming an app:

  • Its user-friendliness and flexibility
  • Create modified apps
  • Meeting up the essentials
  • Ensure zero errors
  • Cross-platform coverage
  • Security
  • Portability
  • Profitability

SEO Audit Agency:

They are known as the best in this app development sector. Just like the other mobile apps design & development company in Bangladesh, they are the top mobile app development company in Bangladesh. They are specialized in:

  • Android App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • Apple Watch App Development
  • Phone Gap App Development

Their competitive strategy, measurable results, and perfect execution make them the best from the rest. They are a strong believer in data-driven decision making. Their professional developing team build such a robust app that always meets your company’s expectations. They create and design such kind of app that people always talk about. Their user-experience and interface designs help their app to stand out.

They follow a strict process that assists them to get the best result

  1. They start the project by brainstorming the ideas and requirements of the apps with the clients
  2. Next, they document and wireframe the app in order to understand future functionalities. Any technical difficulties can be overcome in this initial step
  3. Next, assessing the technical feasibility
  4. Then they find a suitable prototype that helps them to get the feedback, which they implement into their work.
  5. After that their designers start working on the UI to build the look and feel of the app.
  6. After designing is done, the developers start working on the technical staff
  7. In the last step, they test the app, to find out any error. And then, they deploy it to different application stores.


The last one in our top 10 list is Augnitive. It is a digital enterprise proficient in Web Development, Mobile Application Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analysis and so on.

Their team believes in ensuring the quality and standard of the services. They provide innovative ideas and supports towards different business and enterprises to grow. They give freedom to their clients and appreciate clients suggestion regarding any development work. They always give more importance to their clients’ satisfaction. They work until their clients are fully satisfied. They have a forward-looking approach and always help their clients with full support. Needless to say, it makes them as the best mobile apps development company in Bangladesh.

Bonus List!!

I have to mention these 3 other mobile application development companies in Bangladesh, who are also equally best in this field.


They are known for their native iPhone and Android mobile app development service company for small businesses and as well as the large corporations. They create such stunning and functional user-interfaces that are both intuitive and easy to use. They have a team of experienced developers and designers, who can build such an app, just like the way you visioned it. They love making apps which are innovative, challenging, and above all beneficial for the users. In terms of Bangladeshi mobile apps design & development service in Bangladesh, they should be considered.

Impala Intech Ltd

This tech company are well known for their cost management system. They always provide valuable suggestions and the best solutions to their customers that make them the best in their respective industry. They have top class project manager, team leader, and developer who work relentlessly in order to achieve your app goal. With regards to the top mobile app development company in Bangladesh, they should be much preferable compared with other mobile application development companies based on Bangladesh


They have over 5 years of experience in Design & Multimedia, Web Development, and more than 4 years of experience as a mobile app service company in Bangladesh. They have strong front-end backend team. Their eye-catching UI designs help to enhance customer satisfaction and improve usability. They develop clear, simple, intuitive, and responsive user interfaces for mobile apps.

And that’s the top list of the mobile application development company in Bangladesh. The mobile application scenario has been continually changing over the past couple of years. And these companies have proven themselves best by their years of experience, work ethic and dedication. I hope this list will help you to find out the best mobile app development company in Bangladesh for your business.

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