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List of Top Software Company in Bangladesh

Whenever it comes to software development service, only things that matter most is its quality and functionality.

In today’s world, every software we use in our daily life, are the results of software development companies hard work.

Without them, we couldn’t get Netflix, Uber, Skype, CCleaner, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Edge, VLC Media Player, BitTorrent, etc.

Do you ever realize how our life will be sound without this amazing software? Definitely, it will sound incomplete.

This software makes our daily life work a lot more easier, faster, simpler. They become part and parcel in our everyday life. And all of these because of some amazing software development company and their amazing developers.

Even for the business organization, if you have your own software that will help you to finish your work much more quickly.

The software helps to create better communication bridges between B2B and B2C organization. It provides a tailored made solution for every business in order to meet all their business requirements.

So in order to build an outstanding software, you need to hire the best software company in Bangladesh, who will provide the best service possible.

Bangladesh has slowly but gradually become technologically so advanced in the software development business. We have some amazing companies out there who are proving themselves best for a longer period of time.

So to make your task easier, we create a list based on the best software company in Bangladesh. All of the top software company in Bangladesh that I mentioned here are the boss in this arena.

With that lets the list started.

Databiz Software:

It is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certified software company in Bangladesh. It has 1500+ successful software implementation experiences all around the world. They have 74 skilled developers who provide tailored made solutions for every industry. They worked with some amazing companies all around the world. Mobile Express, CIVICACE, BPL T20, Troy, HOTELTRIP, AL-Nahar TV, Carlos Jean, Sales order tracking system, Hotel Reservation – are some of their amazing creation. When it comes to quality service, they are the most dedicated person you will ever get for your software development project.

Kaz Software:

They are the award-winning organization known best for their great work in Software development. They already helped around 500 organization from enterprise to startup company all around the globe. Their software development teams build such amazing custom made software applications for every platform.

Their designers are known best for their beautiful user interfaces which are intelligent as well as intuitive.

Thomson Truters, Blue Cielo, Your View, Regulatory Analytics, Top Mafia, Swiss Contact, QFC – are some of their valued clients.

They are best known for their:

  • Data drive software development service
  • Professional and personalized service
  • Innovative idea and design
  • Right on time
  • Budget-friendly service.


Aplectrum is one of the best software company in Bangladesh. They have the best IT specialists and experts with high professional experience. They are specialized in deploying and maintaining software that is delivering innovation and enabling high performance to their clients. Their expert development team always develop and implement high performance and latest technology based software projects.

They create affordable software projects that render to the digital infrastructure of business today.

Their designed and developed software Spark already climb to the stair of success. This HR and payroll software not only innovative and responsive but also make the HR task a lot more simpler and faster. It allows better HR management, payroll processing, planning, budget management, and decision-making service. It provides the fastest solutions for any HR difficulty. And the most amazing things is, it can be accessed from any devices from anywhere in the world.

They strongly dedicated to their quality and commitment. Although their work isn’t only limited to software development. But their expertness in software development makes them the best in this field. Their work ethics and immaculate software developed products are what makes them so popular among the business owners.

Their fully organized and structured working methodology ensures rapid development and deployment of software.

Their wide list of client testimonial is proved of their standard work. Smart technologies, AnonTex Group, S.S and R.R.A sweater Ltd., Bangladesh Business AB, Fraulen Fashion Ltd., etc are some of their clients with whom they worked till date.

Some of the key features of their services which help them to stand out, are:

  • They always set a benchmark for each of the software they are developing so far.
  • Their strategic solution with best practice in mind helps them to achieve an effortless result.
  • They always give more priority to their clients when it comes to developing the best software for their business. They facilitate their respected clients with modern and optimized solutions.
  • They know how to adapt to evolving trends by deploying the most advanced technologies.

Last but not least, they are very much flexible to handle clients from almost every sector. Some of the other services they provide are:

SEO Audit Agency:

SEO Audit Agency really doing great in this software development industry. Their software development service helps multiple international industries across the globe. They have a group of designers, engineers, and content specialist who are passionate about what they do. And with the help of their professional team, they become the leading custom software company in Bangladesh. Their great software development service helps businesses to achieve the ultimate business goal.

They will empower your business with the help of their expert team by providing great software products.

Their software development work involves:

  1. Extensive planning on the requirement of the clients business demand.
  2. Analyze the performance of the software at various stages and making notes of the improvements.
  3. Building the structure of the project by giving it a flawless finish.
  4. After development and implementation test, it rigorously to eliminate errors and bugs.
  5. Finally, launch it. Also maintained and upgraded it from time to time to adopt the changes.


Their motto is ” talent your service”. And by this line, you will easily get it how skilled and expert they are in this respective field.

They build such technologies which will transform your business. They have 200+ talented and hard-working people who make sure that we get the best software service possible.

Their team are certified from Microsoft MVP, Code Project MVP, MCP, MCTS, CEH, CHFI and so on.

They served different industries from all across the world. They are experienced in developing software for Retail business, Startups, Pharmaceuticals, RMG sector, Educational sector, Non-profit organization, Real estate, eCommerce, telecom industry, etc.

They already work with the big big name of our country. Robi, City Bank, PayPal, Pickaboo, Telenor, Eastern Bank, Ltd., British American Tobacco – are some of their valued clients.

Tiger IT:

TigerIT is one of the leading IT company in Bangladesh. They build their experience and specialized skills in order to provide national level IT solution. They have deep insides on biometrics information, which is to say, they have 18+ years of experience in biometric research.

They deployed and managed nationwide software solutions. Apart from Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Canada – all of these countries have been experienced the expert solution of TigerIT.

TigerIT provides a wide range of software solutions. From National ID, Voter Registration, e-Passports, Border control, Diving License to vehicle registration and tracking- all of the technological solutions are provided by the TigerIT. They are one of the staple company in the software industry of Bangladesh.

DataSoft BD

Another one in our top list is DataSoft BD. They provide a customized software solution for both profit and non-profit organization.

Their exclusive team of professionals work relentlessly in order to provide flawless execution and world-class service.

This ISO 9001:2008 certified leading software development company provides a pragmatic and powerful solution for any custom software development project.

They started their journey in 1988 and since then, they become the most powerful face in the software development industry.

Their cost-effective and innovative track record help them to achieve bigger success in any software undertakings.

DataSoft total quality management practices in software development project help them to achieve a broader solution for every business field.

They also provide software testing action as a service. Their testing method involves:

  • Test score and Plan
  • Test Case Preparation
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Reporting
  • Defect Re-testing
  • Test Closure

They have clients both from the local and international organization. Bangladesh Police, bKash, MetLife, Pedrollo Group, SDF, USAID, etc are some of the clients for whom they already provided software development and testing services.

Reve Systems:

Reve systems are well-known for their dynamic solution in software development for both retail and wholesale platform. They have the necessary efficiency in refining and implementing world-class software program.

Unlike most of the technology firms, they strongly equipped with programmers, designers and business professionals. This allows them to comprehend your problems from multiple perspectives and provide a solution that is not only solely competent but also aesthetically and analytically convincing.

Their developers have skills in programming, technology and business management, which helps them to look deep into the issues and come up with innovative solutions.

They don’t just merely develop programs; they effectively solve problems. If you are someone looking for something unique for your business, Reve systems will be the best choice for that.

Southtech Group:

This CMMI Level 5 appraised and ISO 9001:2015 certified software company, is one of the leading IT firms in Bangladesh. They are famous for their longest-serving which is more than 3,600 installations worldwide.

They have the supreme ability to create such software which is fully functional with a sleek design and provide bug-free service. They always keep the client’s requirements in mind while designing any software.

This Microsoft Gold Certified and an Oracle Gold Partner company are specialized in developing a solution for the different financial sector. MFIs, CDFIs, NBFIs, retail and development banks, etc – are some of their valued clients. They have invaluable experience in the field of software development by creating some ingenious products for their clients.

Their innovative ideas and responsive software development service for the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh helped them to earn popularity of being the best software company in Bangladesh.


ISO 9001:2008 certification holder company Dream 71 has become the most popular name in the software industry. Their ability to developing high-quality assurance software not only helps to highlight the company’s commitment but also help the clients to achieve their business goal. Their talented team of developers already showcase a great number of software which is accompanied by a variety of functions.

As a Bangladeshi company, their reach is not limited within this region, they provide their services far across the boundaries as well.

Some of their valuable clients are: Delta Pharma, Gaston Battery, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, etc.

Divine IT Limited

Divine IT Limited is another popular name in the software industry. It is considered as one of the pioneers of Software Company in Bangladesh. It established in 2005 and since then, they are delivering excellent software solutions for the world’s most forward-thinking companies.

They have over 14 years of experience, which help their skilled developers in developing a wide range of innovative software for the business. They have 1m+ end users and they already delivered 5000+ software development service for the different industry.

Their software development services will help you to bring your product vision into an outstanding business solution.

This BASIS ICT award winner company has the aim to provide the world best IT solution for any IT related problems.

Lead Soft Bangladesh Limited

Since the beginning of its journey, Lead soft continue to delivering rock-solid performance throughout their software development work.

They follow an integrated and systematic approach which helps them to showcase their quality of services by driving positive business outcomes.

Their services cover the entire range of the software development life cycle, which involves –

  • Requirements gathering
  • Architecture and design
  • Coding
  • Quality assurance
  • Deployment and Production support.

Whether you want to build software from scratch or maintain the existing one, Lead Soft is always there at your service.

And, that’s the list of the best software company in Bangladesh. If you are someone, looking for a reliable and efficient hand for developing your business software, I believe this article is only for you. Here you can find all the relevant information about the top software company in Bangladesh, that you don’t need to look anywhere further.

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