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7 Benefits of having a User-Interactive Website

In this virtual world, having a website is quite normal for every business. But implementing it in the right way is difficult. Because we don’t know the definitive methods of making a website further useful.

Among 100 techniques, user-friendliness is one of them. It’s used for making a high-competitive website for the user. In the end, it becomes a useful asset for the business.

Looking for a reason, why you need to have a user-interactive website ?

Do you know, interactive website traffic increased up to 90% than a non-interactive website?

Website engagement increases by up to 70 to 80% because of its user-friendly nature.

There are other benefits as well, which you can learn in this article. But before jump into the benefits, you need to have a clear idea about:

What is Interactive website?

Interactive website

An interactive website means which has a simple but standard set of goals, a strong purpose, and intuitive screen interface.

It allows the website content to interacts with your audience in an effective manner. It engages your visitors by treating them with the most relevant information.

It helps to tell your brand story in an interacting way. It’s like you are having a one-to-one conversation with your visitors. The main point of interaction is to communicate, support, and engage your audience.

Features of Interactive Website

The list of interactive features on a website

  • Readable Domain Name
  • Unique Company Logo
  • Call-To-Action Button
  • Password protected private Areas
  • Interactive Menu
  • Image or Slider
  • Quality Content
  • Internal links
  • Navigation button for rapid movement to other pages
  • Live chat feature
  • Appointment calendar
  • Contact Forms
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Interacting Google Map
  • Latest content Tab
  • Image Gallery
  • Interacting Video
  • Survey or Polls Section
  • Feedback Forms
  • Social Media Links
  • RSS Feed
  • Client Comment Box
  • Self-Selected FAQ

So you get a clear view of the interactive website and its possible features.

Let’s begin exploring its benefits –

Helps Increasing Google ranking

According to the recent Google algorithm, high dwell time means higher ranking.

High dwell time informs Google that your website is authentic and informative. So it places your site on the first page of SERPs. Or it can be the first position.

Average dwell time is 2 to 3 seconds. It seems less amount of time, but it’s enough for the audience to interact with the site.

Surpass the standard time limit, means the website has the ability, to interact with the audience.

And the only effective way is, making it user-friendly and responsive.

Website Recognized as Authentic

It is easy for Google to recognize which site is authentic which one is not.

Google gives priority to those sites which are user-friendly. Or you can say, an interactive website has the privilege to consider as authentic in the eye of Google.

You can’t be original and interactive by doing copy-pasting.

Interactive website means everything here is authentic. Only an interactive website has the power of

  • High-quality Content
  • Interactive and Customized feature
  • Responsive mobile-friendly design
  • Less buffering, more scrolling

So if you want to increase your site authority and originality, build a user-interactive website. By doing so, Google rewards you with first-page visibility.

Work as a Bridge between You and Your Website Audience

Interactive website work as a bridge between you and your audience. Because only an interactive website know how to organize all the data on one page.

So that it becomes easier for the audience to adapt it. More than 90% of the interaction is happening online.

So if you don’t interact with the audience through your site. Don’t give them the liberty of choosing what they want to see. Then what is the benefit of having a website?

The interactive website allows you to build a meaningful relationship with the audience. The audience started to trust you only by seeing the user-friendliness of your website. So don’t blow the chance.

Because in the end, it’s about your consumer preferences, which matter the most

Helps to develop quality Content

Interacting website is all about developing quality content. Content is important for engaging your audience on your site. And high-quality content helps you achieve a higher ranking.

Interacting website by default helps you to develop real content. Because you are developing it for your audience. The audience doesn’t like useless babbling.

That way you only focus on creating rich, powerful content.

Helps to drive quality traffic and improve the conversion rate

Knowing your audience interest is an effective way of generating quality traffic, which leads to a high conversion rate.

An interactive website has less bounce rate than a non-interactive website. Because of its fun and customized features and appealing content, people will stay longer on your site.

As a result, your site will get high CTR, page view. That brings a high conversion rate.

Helps Getting the Right Backlink

By building a user-interactive website, you increase the chance of getting the authentic backlink. Having a backlink means your site is authentic enough to navigate.

But, in what way a user-interactive website helps to get the right backlink?

When visitors visit your site, your site’s interactive features hook them up. As they like your content, they share your site in different social media platform.

That way only the right people will visit your site. Each share is a high-quality backlink, which comes from your valuable customers.

Most companies choose an illegal way to earn a backlink. Because they are a valuable asset. Just like your site. But now you can easily get it by building an interactive website.

Stand out among the crowd

At present, website utilizes for advertising purpose with the following, like –

All of these are the components of a user-interactive website.

Many people yet unaware of an interactive website. Or they don’t know, how to implement the interactive feature into a website.

Use it as your competitive advantage. Build such interactive website that awestruck your competitor. And helps you to stand out among the crowd.


So here you have it. There nothing to lose investing in an interactive website. It helps you with countless benefits. It might seem difficult and costly at first. But it’s not. You can start by bringing simple changes to your site. But make sure do determine what type of changes you’re going to make. Based on the type of changes, you may need to hire either a designer or a developer.

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