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HR and Payroll software for the spinning industry.

For a company owner or a factory owner, people are the most valuable asset. To ensure the efficient and effective management our HR and Payroll software, Spark will help you to equip with the systems you need. Manufacturing companies like spinning industry rely on the productivity and the organization workforce to keep everything flowing smoothly and drive revenues. It makes sense to put the management system in a place to ensure that the workforce is being handled in an efficient way. Our HR and Payroll software, Spark can help you to manage all of the processes in an efficient way which can affect the employees.

Spark from Aplectrum Solutions Ltd- the first-ever innovative, responsive web and mobile app based HR and Payroll software solution specialized for RMG industry. Spark is a comprehensive and easy to manage Human Resource Management System Software which brings more effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource responsibilities and functions.

Our Spark software is very simple to use, secure, safe, and efficient. It will give you the freedom and control to run a smarter business. It will give you the opportunity to get all your people’s required information just on one click and all the information of your people will be recorded and available only on one click. Also, your employees’ attendance and leave policy will be managed and monitored through one-click reports. Our software will help you to get paid your employees on time and correctly.

Spark helps to provide easy, timely and accurate rescue of information of employee and action-oriented information through its operations which is menu driven and user-friendly. The Spark has been designed to meet all the information needed of all levels of management. The Spark also simplify Monitoring, and Control of Daily Activities, Decision Support, and Planning. The Spark makes the management functions of the organization very transparent and the way the information is being presented to the top level management accessible.

Spinning Mills HR & Payroll Software

Spark Software intakes all the raw data of the organization and create molds to make a powerful management tool. The Spark enables the manager to understand better what is happening exactly in the workforce, It helps the managers the opportunity to analyze the events in the organization within less time, react and takes a quick but correct decision. In this aspect, our Spark helps by providing a graphical analysis of the data required.

Within just three months due to the implementation of our Spark, you can see the positive impact in your organization. You will find the difference in the areas of overtime costs, improvement in workforce productivity, recruitment and retention of skilled staff etc. Now the HR department can breathe easy because all the regulatory requirements are being taken care by our HR and Payroll software Spark according to the rules.

When you will use our Spark, you will observe a different level of access to the information is restricted for the end user and the managerial authority will have the full access and the front desk person will have the least access. In various formats, the relevant reports can be taken which can be over to file, printer, screen, email, and web browser. The Spark data is accessible by a number of reports. Through the reports comparative analysis can be done which can be viewed in a different form such as Graphs, Pie Charts, and Bar Charts. This helps the management to get a figure analysis of data and to take a quick decision. Spark gives an ultimate edge in the regular HR and managerial activities. So work hassle free and perfectly from your desktop.

Benefits of Using HR & Payroll Software in Spinning Industry

When you will use Spark you will get the below benefits:

  • Spark will save monthly around BDT 2 to 5 Lakh BDT even more based on your worker size
  • You can get employee turnover within the next six months by projections and analysis.
  • Considering recent months forecast on salary and benefits in the upcoming months.
  • It will ensure only for the hours’ payment which worker worked and only pay for the items they produced.
  • You have freedoms on shift allocation and you can assign the workers on any type of rotating shift if needed.
  • It will help you to deliver the reports needed for your different type of audits and Compliance.
  • From anywhere of the world you can use Spark from any device including your cell phone.

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