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HR and Payroll Strategies for the Textile Industry

Human resource is one of the vital assets for the organizational activities of Industries. So for industrial management, human resource management is an integral part. In our assignment we are focusing on the textile industry for its human resource management system, It’s technique, development, comparison, role in industry usefulness, application.

The advent of HR practices in the textile sector was rather slow in comparison to other industrial sectors. But due to globalization, there is an increase in competition, as a result, the development of human resource has become essential and nowadays the mill sector is being adopted organized HR practices.

Textile industries are mainly promoting the work of fashion designing, styles, and product pattern, so human resource strategy must focus on recruiting skilled and suitable manpower for the function of production as well as marketing and sales department. In these areas, personnel is crucial to performance and productivity and they are the bottom line of the company. If you want to operate globally and recruit the talented local candidates which overall compensation will be likely several times lower than engage personnel with the similar skill levels from the head office.

HR & Payroll Software for Textile Industry

Human resource professionals need to develop programs to train employees to adopt the new technologies which will improve product operation in the changing garment market. Typically, such kind of training help employees to improve career growth and upgrade new products for competitiveness. For increasing sales volumes professionals also need soft skills training in marketing and sales as the strategic management effort. For existing and new employees human resource should have the qualification system to make sure their respective training needs. For the best results, thinking about the firm’s objectives and strategic goals human resource should align the training programs in home and abroad branches.

We sale Spark, HR and Payroll software for Textile Industry. So our Spark (HR and Payroll software) is ready for your factory or office. It will help you to collect worker or employee attendance information and it will calculate employee or worker salary according to the Late minute, OT hour etc. The user of this software is unlimited and it is web-based. We sell at a very competitive price for the Textile Industry.

Spark, HR &  Payroll for Textile:

  • Daily Absence Report
  • Continuous Late Report
  • Daily Attendance Summary
  • Absenteeism Summary
  • Holiday Over Time Ledger
  • Resigned Employee Report
  • OT, Holiday And Cost Report
  • Monthly Tiffin Bill Summary
  • Early out Report
  • Monthly Late Absent
  • Early Out Leave
  • Half day Summary
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Recruit Absenteeism Migration
  • Extra Overtime
  • Payment Sheet Ledger
  • List of Employees
  • Salary Sheet by Cash Payment
  • Attendance Data Analyzed
  • Night Allowance For Worker
  • Excess Summary Report
  • Strength Sewing Summary Report
  • Fixed Worker Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Staff Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Employee Current Status
  • Employee Attendance Report
  • Daily Late Report
  • Three Days Late Report
  • Over Time Report
  • Daily Strength Summary
  • Designation Wise Leave Summary Report
  • Monthly Attendance Bonus Report
  • Yearly Attendance Bonus Summary
  • Job Card
  • Hourly Manpower Report
  • Hourly Manpower Report Summary
  • Two Days Report
  • Three Days Report
  • Section Wise Strength
  • Lost Card Info
  • In Attendance Missing
  • Out Attendance Missing
  • Tiffin Report
  • Daily and Monthly Migration
  • New Employee Status Report
  • Manpower Position
  • Leave Application Report
  • Duty Joining Report
  • Pay Slip
  • End of Service Settlement Acknowledge
  • Appointment Letter
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Increment Report
  • Monthly Employee Attendance
  • Monthly Salary Settlement Details
  • Monthly Salary Statement
  • Loan Report
  • Salary Report
  • Increment Report

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